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We are grateful that many leaders in food safety contributed to the development of this tool as members of the technical advisory committee and advisory board.

Need Help Creating a Food Safety Plan?

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The On-Farm Food Safety Project (OFFS) is a comprehensive national program that offers fruit and vegetable farmers, food safety professionals and agricultural extension specialists technical assistance to utilize and teach best practices in food safety.

This website includes the bulk of these resources including a free online tool, based on a comprehensive risk based framework, which generates customized on-farm food safety plans based on user input. The tool is designed for use by small to mid-scale fruit and vegetable growers and provides a full set of record keeping tools to document their food safety program and to provide training to their employees.

To view a sample food safety plan, click here. 

To view a step by step introduction to on-farm food safety and creating a customized plan, click here.




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